Goldilocks Screw Gauge


Determining the correct size replacement screw is a frustrating, time consuming task. It’s the “Goldilocks” dilemma. The first screw you try is too large, the next is too small. You want to find the right screw the first time. Western Optical Supply has exactly what you need to quickly determine a replacement screw size.

With the Goldilocks Screw Gauge™ spend less time replacing screws and more time selling eyewear.

The Goldilocks Screw Gauge™ is a precision milled stainless steel probe graduated in six “steps” of increasing diameter. Insert the gauge through the barrel’s bottom threaded leaf until it feels snug. Note which “step” is in the barrel. Compare that “step” to the sizing chart provided to determine the proper replacement screw diameter. The colors on the chart correspond with most major screw suppliers’ color code on the cap of the screw vial. If your color coding is different, there is a chart on the reverse that you can customize with your own color code.

#2059 Goldilocks Screw Gauge™ $19.00 Patents Pending.

For years, Western has been asked to carry a line of screws. I have been very hesitant to get involved in offering a product that does not have a competitive advantage. In response to these requests, we researched what innovation would be needed in the world of eyeglass screws.

What we found is that the industry does not need another line of screws, but it does need a time saving way of determining the proper screw size.

The old-fashioned screw gauge measures the size of the barrel hole but does not consider the added dimension of the screw threads. A 1.2mm hole does not use a 1.2mm replacement screw. Therefore, it gives only a rough starting point.

Western Optical Supply went to work designing an accurate and easy to use probe that correlates to the correct screw diameter. However, to manufacture the Goldilocks Screw Gauge required advanced technology. To mill stainless steel on this micro scale with precision tolerances within 0.005” down to the tip of an ever thinning spindle is a technical feat. The resulting gauge will make the task of replacing screws much less of a chore.

The Goldilocks Gauge™: easy, fast and accurate.

Goldilocks blank outline chart single

Goldilocks colored in chart single